[Catalyst] Tool for rendering web pages consistently though time ?

lanas lanas at securenet.net
Thu Jan 22 01:10:15 GMT 2009

On Thu, 22 Jan 2009 12:02:19 +1100,
Patrick Donelan <pat at patspam.com> wrote :

> Can you be more specific about "time" and "consistent"?
> How far into the future are we talking?
> Does it have to remain pixel-perfect?

That would be over two years.  This is for the making and updating of a
user guide.  Currently the procedure is to take screenshots but then,
it so happen that the original workstation witht he original resolution
and fonts no longer exists, so the screenshots of the web pages are no
longer exactly the same.  It'd be possible to dedicate a "do not touch"
workstation for that purpose only but I'm looking for a more elegant
solution which do not rely on any workstation hardware/resolution/fonts.

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