[Catalyst] Re: [RHTMLO] RFC: Catalyst::Controller::RHTMLO

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Fri Jan 23 02:34:24 GMT 2009

Jason Gottshall wrote on 1/22/09 4:52 PM:
> [Cross-posted to catalyst-users and rhtmlo lists]
> I know there are several modules out there that hook up rhtmlo and 
> catalyst, but none of them do what I want. They all seem to do too much: 
> connect to a CRUD API, interface with rdbo, build a form object from a 
> config file, etc. I really just need a simple glue to load 
> rhtmlo-derived form classes into my catalyst controller actions and 
> initialize them with any query params, so I created a base controller 
> and an action class that take care of the details. It works for me, but 
> I thought it might be useful to the larger community, so I made it 
> configurable and documented it pretty thoroughly. But before I pollute 
> CPAN with one more piece of cruft, I want to be sure it's 
> sensible/useful. The two packages are defined below. Comments would be 
> appreciated.

As the author of some of the modules that do too much, I like this idea. I
especially like the use of the Action class.

I second John's suggestion of caching Form objects. I do that in
CatalystX::CRUD::Controller::RHTMLO, and esp for forms that contain select lists
(e.g. state or country names) it saves a huge overhead in form initialization.

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