[Catalyst] Audio Debug Logs for Catalyst: Catalyst::TraitFor::Log::Audio

Ian Wells ijw at cack.org.uk
Wed Jul 1 14:20:37 GMT 2009

2009/7/1 Russell Jurney <russell.jurney at gmail.com>:
> I just created a simple trait for the Catalyst::Log that uses OS X's 'say'
> utility to log error messages to audio, such that the computer will say them
> to you.  My eyes tire of reading through 100s of lines of debug output, so
> now sometimes I will have the computer simply talk to me.

Top tip: making a noise is incredibly useful for test and
small-audience servers.  Whenever anything goes wrong, make the
computer make a sound, and you can ask whoever has a problem straight
away what they were doing, etc. - before they forget, and often while
they're still trying to work out what to do.

(The server we had that did this coughed discreetly when a problem
came up.  This was great until the winter cold season came on...)


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