[Catalyst] Re: Warnings when upgrading Catalyst

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jul 2 21:41:05 GMT 2009

On 2 Jul 2009, at 12:55, George Nistorica wrote:
> It looks like I was mistaken when talking about missing actions in the
> stats output, in the sense that supressing the Catalyst warning didn't
> automagically make more actions to be displayed in the stats.

Righto, glad that's cleared up.

> However I see that using the REST controller you provided, test_GET  
> pops up.

Yup. Getting that  stuff in stats is also one of the benefits of that  
patch :)

Thanks very much for all the effort testing various things out for me.

I'll have a poke with Catalyst 5.71 some time over the weekend, work  
out why it didn't ever emit a warning, and work out the best way to  
get this fixed in core.

I _MAY_ get time to get the patch on Action-REST into a shippable  
state, but that is I'm afraid less likely - it will happen, but  
probably not for a week or so.


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