[Catalyst] Polymorphism?

Eric Wright info at rapidsynergy.com
Mon Jul 6 22:33:02 GMT 2009

I'm just wondering if any Catalyst programmers have used polymorphism in the
construction of their controller classes. Coming from a Java background I'd
like to be a little more OOP about how I implement my controllers. i.e. I'd
like to be able have a parent controller with common behavior and override
that behavior as necessary in my child classes but still work with the
generic parent class.

However, I've gotten in the habit of using actions for my application flow.
I know it's possible to use chained actions to carry behavior down and I've
used that in certain situations but it's not truly polymorphic for generic
coding. I'm not sure if I could be utilizing the NEXT library to more
advantage. Any thoughts, comments, best practices, tips you've discovered,

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