[Catalyst] I18N with quotation marks

Ton Voon ton.voon at opsera.com
Wed Jul 8 13:59:41 GMT 2009

On 2 Jul 2009, at 09:35, Ton Voon wrote:

> Does everyone agree this makes sense? If so, any objections if I add  
> this to http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/best_practices?

I've added a section at http://dev.catalystframework.org/wiki/best_practices 

This includes Jose Luis Martinez's suggestions for the  
escape_js_string routine, implemented as a TT filter.

Final question: How do you internationalise a bit of text that does  
want some markup within it? For instance, I want something that outputs:

Click <a href="/about">here</a> for the about page.

If I do something like:

link = '<a href="/about">' _ c.loc("here") _ '</a>';
c.loc("Click %1 for the about page", link)

Then I cannot filter through html for the 2nd loc output.

Is there a nicer way?

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