[Catalyst] New Apress book shipping now from Amazon.com

Thomas L. Shinnick tshinnic at io.com
Wed Jul 8 22:40:01 GMT 2009

At 05:28 PM 7/8/2009, Kieren Diment wrote:

>On 09/07/2009, at 7:40 AM, Ari Constancio wrote:
>>For those interested, Amazon.com is shipping now pre-orders for "The
>>Definitive Guide to Catalyst". Not sure about new orders, though.
>>Ari Constancio
>Thanks for this.  Indeed they are, officially the book is being
>released on Friday.

Anybody going to have one of those "link to Amazon from here and 
we'll get a donation" links on their web page.  (hint hint)
Hmm, http://books.perl.org/ should, but doesn't...?
(I'll wait until tomorrow before ordering....)
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