[Catalyst] Themes, skins, templates and componentized UI?

Gunnar Strand gunnarstrand at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 9 03:34:43 GMT 2009

Zbigniew Lukasiak skrev:
> On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 9:55 PM, Gunnar Strand<gunnarstrand at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am a little new in the web design area. I'm trying to design an
>> application where the "view" part must be simple to replace by whomever
>> installs it, with elements of their own design. This would work
>> comparable to "themes" or "skins". I've done some googling, but I
>> haven't got any obvious hits on this. The closest I _think_ is
>> "CatalystX::Usul", but I haven't really understood if that's what I'm
>> looking for :-)
>> Also, I would also want the person installing the application to be able
>> to restructure the visual parts using "components", where a component
>> could for instance be a "result ticker", "main menu", "member table" or
>> such. Perhaps in the way that Joomla does, but the components will be
>> application specific. It's much a matter of deciding what components are
>> present in which views and where.
>> I imagine, for instance, a collection of widgets (button,
>> drop-down-list, text field etc) which are reused in the TT templates. A
>> component would then use these widgets as building blocks, populating
>> them using data from the stash. A "view" (webpage) would be a template
>> including one or more of these components. A theme could then override
>> any widgets of choice to change the look-and-feel of the whole
>> application instantly.
>> Am I approaching this from the right direction and does anyone know if
>> there exists a framework similar to this to use with Catalyst?
>> Or should I perhaps go barking up the TT tree? ;-)
> I am working on CatalystX::Elements with the first one being Comments
> - I am not sure if it goes in the same direction - but it seems close.
>   The main goal is providing Catalyst feature addons - that could be
> used as kind of scaffolding - that is they should be easy to assemble,
> implying they are rather simplistic, and later easy to be gradually
> replaced.  For now I am not dealing with templates at all - the
> Comments element lets you to stash a form which knows how to render
> itself into HTML and can be inserted somewhere in the templates.
> I've posted about it at my blog:
> http://perlalchemy.blogspot.com/2009/06/catalystxcomments-rfc.html
> (also have a look at the comment).  There is some code for it at:
> http://github.com/gshank/ravlog/tree/8b7ec1493324212cde91927c15fc54cd2c9db25d/lib/CatalystX
> (but now I've decided to change the name and add Elements - a play on
> the chemical metaphor of Catalyst).
Thanks, I'll take a look at it!



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