[Catalyst] Configuration based on hostname

Mihai Bazon mihai at bazon.net
Sun Jul 12 06:35:34 GMT 2009

Hi folks,

I think this was raised before but I don't remember to have seen a
satisfactory answer.  Someone please point me into the right direction.

I want to deploy a Catalyst app that will be used to serve multiple
websites.  The platform will be Apache2 (prefork) + mod_perl2.  I want
Catalyst to read a different configuration file, based on the host name.
Each virtual host will have its own database (configured in .conf) and
its own "root" directory, but other than this, all the Perl modules are
the same.

I know this can be done with FastCGI by launching a different process
for each host, but I'm interested in a mod_perl solution.  Is it


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