[Catalyst] Just a hint on using Roles

Ian Docherty catalyst at iandocherty.com
Tue Jul 14 08:51:03 GMT 2009

I am looking at creating a generic Breadcrumb module to use with 
Catalyst. The basic idea being that some controllers will 'reset' a 
breadcrumb path back to the start (for example when clicking on a main 
menu) and some controllers will append to the existing breadcrumb.

Main menu item linking to /users will display a list of all users (reset 

Clicking on a link on that page to go to /user/123 will append the new 
URI to the breadcrumb, /user/123/edit appends again. etc.

I would then be able to create a BreadCrumb Role that could be used with 
some of my controllers to maintain a breadcrumb structure on the stash 
that could then be used in my templates?

ISTM that this is an ideal application of Roles? I would welcome 
comments if this is a sensible approach and I can research the details 
further myself.


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