[Catalyst] Hangs in RenderView in "end"

John Romkey romkey at apocalypse.org
Thu Jul 16 13:53:38 GMT 2009

For what it's worth, I do my development under MacOS X 10.5 (currently  
10.5.7) and use FF 3.0.x (currently 3.0.11) as my primary browser for  
development and haven't run into any problems. I'm up-to-date on all  
the Catalyst packages. I normally run the built-in server with '-r -d'  
but deploy on a Debian system under Apache2 (also no problems).

I also use Mason to render pages, not TT. I also don't use CGI.pm.

I'd hope that you're not letting real users run against the built-in  
development server. And while it's a pain that the built-in server is  
hanging, that doesn't mean that your app under a deployment server  
would also hang.

I gave up on FF 3.5 pretty quickly; I was having some Javascript and  
Firebug glitches and when it wouldn't show me the source to the page  
it was rendering I decided to try again later after 3.5.1 is out.

I'm saying this just to say that Catalyst can work under MacOS X.  
Perhaps there's some combination of packages or MacOS X updates or the  
like which brings out this particular problem, but it's not the case  
that Catalyst is 100% having these issues under Mac OS X.

kakimoto and Gordon, you did catch the earlier bit from Gunnar that  
using CGI.pm with debugging turned on was the culprit for him, didn't  
you? Are you using CGI.pm in your app or templates?
	- john romkey

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