[Catalyst] paging with Data::Page

Anne Wainwright anotheranne at fables.co.za
Sun Jul 26 15:14:13 GMT 2009


In cannibalizing code from the (old) book on page 66 I first needed to
de-BindLex this but have not had total success. As authored it works
fine, but when I try to change the code to a standard stash operation I
end up with either it not outputting the text 'x of y' records, or the
paging putting all returned records onto one page instead of only 10 per

I have no doubt my code is wrong somewhere.

I see that on p.67 it says that 'the pager is a Data::Page object'. I
don't see 'use Data::Page;' anywhere, nor can I see from perldoc
Data::Page anything relevant to the code in the book.

Are there any other sources where I might clarify this problem?

Maybe this is covered in the new book? I have it on order, but it takes
weeks to get here.

PS. is there any way to search the archives of this mailing list, short
of downloading the gzip files?

thanks in advance for any help

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