[Catalyst] paging with Data::Page

Ian Sillitoe ian at sillit.com
Mon Jul 27 13:42:25 GMT 2009

Thanks for advice, not always too keen to offload total problems for
> free code input, but in this instance after lots of hours spent ...

Quickest way to get the problem fixed.

I haven't got time to test the following just now, but my guess is that it
is how you are assigning the result:

-       $c->stash(result =3D> $result);   # put data into stash

try changing that to:

+       $c->stash->{result} =3D $result;   # put data into stash

Could be wrong, but I think the former is causing the resultset to be
evaluated as an array and is therefore returning all the entries before the
pager is being applied.


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