[Catalyst] New Apress book shipping now from Amazon.com

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Mon Jul 27 20:06:32 GMT 2009

Darren Duncan wrote:
> Ari Constancio wrote:
>> For those interested, Amazon.com is shipping now pre-orders for "The
>> Definitive Guide to Catalyst". Not sure about new orders, though.
> I've had a different experience so far.  I pre-ordered the book on 
> amazon.ca back on June 19th, and it estimated it would ship July 10, the 
> release date. Then today I got a message from Amazon saying it had been 
> delayed, and now they say, I kid you not:
>   Estimated ship date: August 05 2009 - October 21 2009
> Now that's probably a glitch, which will be corrected shortly with a new 
> estimate, and usually my experience with Amazon is they ship things 
> ahead of their estimates.  But as a hedge I went and placed a separate 
> amazon.com order now, which it estimates to ship on July 17th.  The idea 
> that when one ships I'll cancel the other one (or end up with 2 copies 
> if they ship simultaneously).  So we'll see what I get first.

As an update, today (July 27) I received *both* copies in the mail, after they 
had shipped on July 19 (.com) and July 22 (.ca).  Both in good condition. -- 
Darren Duncan

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