[Catalyst] ConfigLoader not looking at myapp.conf

Ben Vinnerd ben-catalyst at vinnerd.com
Thu Jul 30 10:52:08 GMT 2009


I'm using ConfigLoader with myapp.conf and myapp_local.conf in my app. 
myapp_local.conf is being read into $c->config fine, but anything in 
myapp.conf is being ignored.

I have the following in myapp.conf:

     no_image_640x480 /images/unavailable.gif
     no_image_320x240 /images/unavailable_320x240.gif
     no_image_160x120 /images/unavailable_160x120.gif
     no_image_80x60   /images/unavailable_80x60.gif

I have NOT put the above in myapp_local.conf.

Infact, _anything_ i put in myapp.conf (and _not_ in myapp_local.conf) 
is being ignored.

I thought that ConfigLoader was supposed to merge the 2 configs 
together, and effectively give precedence to whatever is in 

Note: that this is opposite to the problem i had on 17/06/2009 (see 
thread: ConfigLoader trouble).


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