[Catalyst] Serving "static" content from DB

Mihai Bazon mihai at bazon.net
Sat Jun 6 11:17:02 GMT 2009

Hi folks,

I'm working on a simple CMS (actually started it for learning Catalyst,
but the goal is to be able to maintain a few websites with it).  Each
page is stored in DB and it can have file attachments, also stored in DB
(content is BLOB).

When serving an attachment, instead of always retrieving it from DB I
want to save them in a cache directory.  So the first time a file is
requested, it will be fetched from DB, saved in cache, then I want the
Web server to do the job as if it were a static file.  With plain
ModPerl, I would do it like this:

  # plus some more hacks if it runs after PerlMapToStorageHandler
  return Apache2::Const::DECLINED;

I expect something similar will work with Catalyst using the ModPerl2
engine, but I was wondering if I can do something that would work well
with the development server and FastCGI as well.

Thanks for any hints.

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