[Catalyst] [Announce] App::ForExample: Helper to generate Catalyst configurations

Robert Krimen robertkrimen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 8 21:29:05 GMT 2009

Last Tuesday, during a SFPUG Catalyst talk, I announced App::ForExample


This is the tool I've written to help with the deployment stage of
publishing a Catalyst application. It will
generate configurations for Apache, lighttpd, nginx:

App::ForExample is a command-line tool for generating sample configurations.
It is not designed to do configuration
management, but rather as a guide to get you 80% of the way there

Besides the usual Apache, lighttpd, nginx, and FastCGI configurations,
App::ForExample can create a FastCGI start-stop script and a monit
configuration for monitoring those processes

Here is some typical usage:

   # To output a FastCGI (ExternalServer)/Apache configuration (with monit
stub and start-stop script), run:
   for-example catalyst/fastcgi apache2 standalone --package My::App
--hostname example.com --output my-app

   # The above command would have created the following:

       my-app.apache2      The Apache2 virtual host configuration (hosted at
       my-app.start-stop   The start/stop script to launch the FastCGI
       my-app.monit        A monit stub used for monitoring the FastCGI

   # This will generate a basic, stripped-down monit configuration (monitrc)
suitable for a non-root user:
   for-example monit --home $HOME/monit --output $HOME/monit/monitrc

   # A mod_perl configuration for Catalyst:
   for-example catalyst/mod_perl --package Project::Xyzzy --hostname
xyzzy.com --home Project-Xyzzy

A tutorial for Apache2 with FastCGI on Ubuntu:


You can install App::ForExample by using CPAN:

        cpan -i App::ForExample

If that doesn't work properly, you can find help at:

        http://sial.org/howto/perl/life-with-cpan/macosx/ # Help on Mac OS X
        http://sial.org/howto/perl/life-with-cpan/non-root/ # Help with a
non-root account

The source repository is:


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