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Francesc Romà i Frigolé francesc.roma+catalyst at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 09:36:41 GMT 2009

On Wed, Jun 10, 2009 at 9:00 AM, Kiffin Gish <kiffin.gish at planet.nl> wrote:

> What are the advantages/disadvantages for choosing between
> Catalyst::Controller::FormBuilder and Catalyst::Controller::HTML:FormFu?

FormBuilder is popular because is an older and stable project. It doesn't
seem very active anymore though.

FormFu is popular among the Catalyst community because it is has a more
modern design and an active community. It's API might not be as stable
though. Since it has a more modular design it seems easier to extend and
people are implementing extra layers of lazyness (abstraction) on top of it.
For example the ability to automagically get/set values from a DBIx::Class
Catalyst model.

> Kiffin Gish <Kiffin.Gish at planet.nl>
> Gouda, The Netherlands

Barcelona, The Catalan Countries
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