[Catalyst] Example of a catalyst application using FormFu to create a table

Wilson Jason Jason.Wilson at derm.qld.gov.au
Fri Jun 12 05:23:17 GMT 2009

Hello All,

Recently come across the whole Catalyst framework and very impressed
with what can be done with it. Am an avid perl programmer so glad to
find a framework to cater for my language of choice.

Have worked through the tutorial and have my own basic application
working - thanks all.

The problem I having is trying to get a edit form with a 'table' like
structure to display nicely.

Have created a repeatable element with the relevant sub-elements, but
whatever combination of tags, CSS style, etc I cant seem to get anything
that looks right.

Can anyone point me to an existing application that displays data in a
table nicely? Sort of like a very simple spreadsheet?

Thanks in advance,

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