[Catalyst] myapp_local.yml gets ignored

Carl Vincent c.a.vincent at newcastle.ac.uk
Wed Jun 17 15:13:18 GMT 2009

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>On 17/06/09 14:50, Jochen Luig wrote:
>> <snip>  So the
>> myapp_local.yml seems to get ignored. OTOH, the test user is not
>> in that database.
>> According to the ConfigLoader docs, 'local' is the default suffix
>> files used to override the main config, so AFAIU the above code is
>> supposed to "just work".
>> Maybe I'm just not seeing the wood for the trees here, but are there
>> prerequisites for this to work that I may have overlooked?

>This looks like the same problem i'm having (see thread "ConfigLoader
>I did try myapp_local.conf and it was ignored.

Are you sure that your config files are parsing correctly? I've had problems in the past (admittedly with YAML config files) with the files being silently ignored when there's a syntax error in them. This may be handled better in the latest versions.



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