[Catalyst] myapp_local.yml gets ignored

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jun 18 07:50:35 GMT 2009

On 17 Jun 2009, at 14:50, Jochen Luig wrote:
> According to the ConfigLoader docs, 'local' is the default suffix for
> files used to override the main config, so AFAIU the above code is
> supposed to "just work".
> Maybe I'm just not seeing the wood for the trees here, but are  
> there any
> prerequisites for this to work that I may have overlooked?

Erm, no. It should just work.

I generated an example app with: catalyst.pl TestConfig, and applied  
the attached patch - this shows the local config happening.

At a wild stab in the dark - is this an issue with the lifecycle of  
your application? I.e. is your app starting before you actually write  
the config file out?

I guess that starting your test with strace -f and then searching for  
instances of the string 'myapp_local' in the output would be  
instructive about what is going wrong for you..


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