[Catalyst] Database-backed sessions: Session::Store::DBI/DBIC and MSSQL

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Thu Jun 18 08:01:15 GMT 2009

On 17 Jun 2009, at 21:34, Stuart Watt wrote:
> Since Session::Store::DBI can be set to use its own connection, I  
> thought that might resolve it. Not completely, unfortunately, and  
> now the error is due to the recommended use of a text column for  
> the data. It seems the DBI+DBD::ODBC likes to require LongTruncLen  
> set to a rather larger value than is the default (apparently the  
> default can even be zero!), so you get truncation errors when  
> reading any session data.

Any session data at all? Can you be more specific - I'd guess that  
this should only hit you if the length is small, or if your sessions  
get large.

Also, is there a different data type you can use without this  
behavior? (One that at least fails rather than silently truncating  
stuff would be good, for a start)..

> The way the statements are set up (in a batch) makes it hard to set  
> this for one statement independently, and supposedly it needs to be  
> set before a statement is prepared.

Why not just arrange for it to be set by all queries done by the  
session handling? If you already have a dedicated DB connection for  
session data, why not use it? :)


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