[Catalyst] myapp_local.yml gets ignored

Jochen Luig jochen.luig at skytel.de
Fri Jun 19 07:20:15 GMT 2009

On Thu, 2009-06-18 at 15:27 +0100, Ben Vinnerd wrote:

> Jochen - have you deleted the Makefile.PL in the app dir? If so, put it 
> back :)

No, it's still there. I'm not familiar with the startup process of
Catalyst apps and couldn't find anything beyond this part of the manual:


but I suspect my problem is that the db connection is configured in
MyApp::Model::MyAppDB in an if statement that looks at the hostname and
then sets it according to the present environment. I'll try it with %ENV
and config files the way you're doing it next.


P.S.: If there's a more in depth documentation on the initialization
process, I'd appreciate a link.

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