[Catalyst] Re: ajax character encoding issue solved, but WHY?

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> * seasprocket at gmail.com <seasprocket at gmail.com> [2009-06-19 06:30]:>
> > The problem was fixed by calling utf8::decode on the data prior
> > to sending back via ajax. BUT WHY?
> Looks like your code is broken and assumes bytes throughout; as
> long as all your data is UTF-8 you won=92t notice. Apparently the
> JSON serialiser is trying to produce UTF-8 output correctly by
> encoding the strings you pass it; since they=92re already encoded,
> you get double-encoding gremlins.

Thanks for your suggestion, but I'm pretty sure that the data is not getting
encoded twice. C::V::JSON tests the data before it encodes (
Encode::is_utf8() ) and only encodes if this test is true. This test only
passes if the data is decoded.

I have confirmed this by checking to see if Encode::encode is getting called
in C::V::JSON (it's not).

I agree something's broken, I just don't know what it is ... My suspicion is
that I don't really understand what's happening inside sqlite -- I assume
it's storing as UTF-8, but I don't really know what it's doing.

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