[Catalyst] Warnings when upgrading Catalyst

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Wed Jun 24 22:59:51 GMT 2009

On 23 Jun 2009, at 17:03, Ovid wrote:
> I had to randomly trawl through the cat-guts. Paring down our  
> rather large application is not easy and I wasn't aware of a git  
> repository for git bisect.

git-svn will do bisect - just import, rafl also has a mirror of a git- 
svn import on github :)

>   I *did* wind up downloading various CPAN releases and got it down  
> to this:

Right, cool.

> 5.7* distributions do not issue the warning.
> 5.8005_05 to 5.80002 were failing with:
>   (Could not load class (PIPs) because : Can't call method  
> "reverse" on an undefined
>   value at /home/ovid/pips_dev/work/Pips3/branches/rights_modeling/ 
> Catalyst-Runtime-5.80001/ \
>   lib/Catalyst/DispatchType/Chained.pm line 115.)

I think that you want r9803 applying to those releases.

Also, you're in debug mode.. Do you get the warnings when debug mode  
is disabled?

> Earlier 5.8* series were failing with various errors.

Right, that sounds unsurprising - _05 and _06 is when much of the  
backwards compatibility got sorted out :)

> In short, it's been tough for me to nail down when the failure  
> occurs because different versions of Catalyst have different  
> dependencies and it's tough to grab all at once and set up a good  
> environment.
> In the meantime, the warning thrown by Catalyst- 
> >_stats_start_execute() still remains.  You mentioned a guess that  
> it was trying to collect stats on private attributes and the check  
> for that is the first line:
>   return if ( ( $code->name =~ /^_.*/ )
>         && ( !$c->config->{show_internal_actions} ) );

So I guess you have $c->config->{show_internal_actions} turned on then?

> The $code->name when we get the warning is 'default', so I'm  
> assuming it's not considered a private action.  When we get to the  
> actual section of code which issues the warning (line 1561 in the  
> cpan distribution)

I'm now wildly stabbing in the dark, but can you try:


which _may_ fix your issue, as the sub you're dealing with is called  
'default' and that has some fixes for that... This is merely a guess,  
I don't pretend to really understand what's going on for you, or why  
you're getting this.

I'll try and have a think on it some more.


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