[Catalyst] User timezones

Christian Lackas christian at lackas.net
Thu Jun 25 10:32:10 GMT 2009

* Devin Austin <devin.austin at gmail.com> [090625 10:12]:

Hi Devin,

> Check this out:
> http://search.cpan.org/~dkamholz/Catalyst-Plugin-Session-PerUser-0.03/lib/Catalyst/Plugin/Session/PerUser.pm

unfortuantely, I don't have any issues with my session management, which
this module could help me with.
My issue is with the model. The models inflation/deflation to/from
DateTime objects should depend on the current user (namely her timezone

> I mean, you're going to have to retrieve each record per user anyway,
> why not retrieve, convert, and stuff it into the per-user session?

I cannot store all these times in the session, since I have a few
million database entries that all have different timestamps, that should
be converted transparently whenever I need them.



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