[Catalyst] Hangs in RenderView in "end"

Gunnar Strand gunnarstrand at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 28 15:50:28 GMT 2009

>On 28 Jun 2009, at 07:35, Gunnar Strand wrote:
>> [debug] Rendering template "users/create_form.tt2"
>> [info] Request took 795.658106s (0.001/s)
>> .------------------------------------------------------------+-----------.
>> | Action                                                     | Time      |
>> +------------------------------------------------------------+-----------+
>> | /users/create                                              | 0.005603s |
>> | /end                                                       | 795.6377s |
>> |  -> Cupper::View::TT->process                              | 795.6356s |
>> '------------------------------------------------------------+-----------'
>> As you can see, "end" has hanged in 795 seconds, and this output was not printed until AFTER I hit "Stop" in Firefox. Below is the code in users/create:
>This shows that the template processing is going into an infinite loop.
>Something in users/create_form.tt2 is going mad. I'd replace it with a blank template, check that fixes the issue, >then work backwards from there, re-adding chunks of code until you find the culprit.

Thanks for th tip! I'll see if I can nail it down - the template structure isn't just that one file - I am using the "wrapper" support in TT.

Is there any way of running the server in a debugger or to turn tracing on? Can I send a signal to it to get it to dump a stack trace somehow? Any attempt I've made so far just results in nothing or segmentation faults.


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