[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst-Runtime-5.80007

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Tue Jun 30 22:26:56 GMT 2009

The Catalyst core team is pleased to announce the availability of the  
latest maintenance release of Catalyst-Runtime, version 5.80007.

This fixes an important regression with actions on the application  
class which have custom attributes (for example, end : ActionClass 
('RenderView')). Whilst putting actions into your application class  
is deprecated, a number of extensions test suites (such as Action- 
RenderView) rely on it.

Full changelog for this release:

   Bug fixes:
        - Don't mangle query parameters passed to uri_for
          - Tests for this (Byron Young + Amir Sadoughi)
        - Inherited controller methods can now be specified in
        - Assigning an undef response body no longer produces warnings
        - Fix C3 incompatibility bug caused if you use Moose in  
MyApp.pm and
          add Catalyst to the right hand side of this in @ISA.
        - Make Catalyst.pm implement the Component::ApplicationAttribute
          interface so defining actions in MyApp.pm works again, if the
          actions have attributes that cause $self->_application to  
be used
          (like ActionClass).

   New features:
        - Add optional second argument to uri_with which appends to  
          params rather than replacing them. (foo=1 becomes  
foo=1&foo=2 when
          uri_with({ foo => 2 }, { mode => 'append' }) is called on a  


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