[Catalyst] does detach cancel forward

Steve Rippl rippls at woodlandschools.org
Sat Nov 7 19:08:33 GMT 2009

On Sat, 2009-11-07 at 01:07 -0800, Andrew Rodland wrote:
> Yeah, there are at least two big shortcomings.
> 1. I think that we should stop trying to over-simplify things here, or
> at
> least stop *only* providing a simplified version and tell the truth:
> detach
> forwards, and then it throws an exception. That exception propagates
> up until
> the whole stack of running actions is unwound, and then Catalyst
> catches it
> and continues processing as usual, calling any 'end' action and then
> doing
> 'finalize'.
> 2. There's a "Flow Control" section in Catalyst::Manual::Intro that
> paints a
> better picture than perldoc Catalyst, but someone going directly to
> the docs
> for forward, detach, etc. can easily miss the pointers to
> Catalyst::Manual::Intro. The whole Manual::Intro business is a mess
> that
> nobody wants to touch. I don't know what to do with it either. :)
As the noob that started all this I would say that the docs I came
across (the online tutorial and the books) are pretty clear on what the
effects of forward and detach are, it's just that I had started thinking
in terms of "nested" flow control because that's what I wanted (wishful
thinking...).  I thought perhaps each forward created a separate
nest/level I could detach out of and previous forwards were
"remembered", but obviously this isn't the case.  Maybe just something
stating that this flow control is "flat" in some sense, each control
statement has no notion of previous ones...  

Anyway, thanks to you all for straightening me out!


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