[Catalyst] Re: does detach cancel forward

Aristotle Pagaltzis pagaltzis at gmx.de
Sun Nov 8 07:54:12 GMT 2009

* Steve Rippl <rippls at woodlandschools.org> [2009-11-08 00:55]:
> But if I put use eval{$c->forward...) as Bill suggested then
> a detach within that gets me back to where I want to be.
> I could probably rework things and remove the detaches I have
> in there and just rely on the appropriate forwards, but the
> eval{} is a quick solution.

It sounds like maybe you are actually looking for Chained
dispatch. If you can illustrate what you are trying to do with
some (pseudo-)code, me or someone else could show an equivalent
structure using Chained; if it fits the problem you’re trying to
solve it’ll likely be cleaner.

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