[Catalyst] Strange warning...

Alan Humphrey alan.humphrey at comcast.net
Fri Nov 20 18:19:12 GMT 2009

I had this problem the other day and it was hell to figure out because I
couldn't see the error in front of my face.


Your line:




Is missing an 's' after "Section".



- Alan


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Subject: [Catalyst] Strange warning...



Catalyst version 5.80011

This line...


is giving me this warning...

[warn] Used regexp fallback for
$c->controller('WsdSis::Controller::Section'), which found
'WsdSis::Controller::Sections'. Relying on regexp fallback behavior for
component resolution is unreliable and unsafe. You probably meant
$c->controller('WsdSis::Controller::Sections') instead of
$c->controller({'WsdSis::Controller::Section'}), but if you really
wanted to search, pass in a regexp as the argument like so:
at /srv/WsdSis/script/../lib/WsdSis/Controller/Login.pm line 50

But I haven't got $c->controller({'WsdSis::Controller::Section'}) in my

What am I missing?


Steve Rippl
Technology Director
Woodland Public Schools
360 225 9451 x326

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