[Catalyst] [ANNOUNCE] Catalyst 5.800014

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Sat Nov 21 12:17:17 GMT 2009

I'm pleased to announce that the latest maintenance release of  
Catalyst 5.80 is available from a CPAN mirror near you.

This release is the result of just over two months work and includes  
an number of bugfixes and cleanups. Of note, the case_sensitive  
setting is now deprecated - if anyone is actually using this, please  
shout now!

Thanks as always to everyone contributing documentation, bug fixes and  
new features, many of the improvements found in this release are the  
work of the wider Catalyst community.

Tomas (t0m) Doran

5.80014 2009-11-21 02:51:14

    Bug fixes:
     - Require MooseX::MethodAttributes 0.17. This in turn requires new
       MooseX::Types to stop warnings in Moose 0.91, and correctly  
       role combination of roles containing attributed methods.
     - Catalyst::Dispatcher::dispatch_types no longer throws  
deprecated warnings
       as there is no recommended alternative.
     - Improved the suggested fix warning when component resolution  
uses regex
       fallback for fully qualified component names.
     - Catalyst::Test::local_request sets ->request on the response.
     - Log flush moved to the end of setup so that roles and plugins  
       hook setup_finalize can log things and have them appear in  
       startup, rather than with the first hit.
     - Require a newer version of LWP to avoid failing tests.
     - Stop warnings when actions are forwarded to during dispatch.
     - Remove warnings for using Catalyst::Dispatcher->dispatch_types  
as this is a
       valid method to publicly call on the dispatcher.
     - Args ($c->request->args) and CaptureArgs ($c->request->captrues)
       passed to $c->uri_for with an action object ($c->action) will now
       correctly round-trip when args or captures contain / as it is now
       correctly uri encoded to %2F.

     - Document no-args call to $c->uri_for.
     - Document all top level application configuration parameters.
     - Clarify how to fix actions in your application class (which is
       deprecated and causes warnings).
     - Pod fixes for ContextClosure.
     - Fix documentation for go/visit to reference captures and  
       in the correct order.
     - Update $c->forward and $c->state documentation to address scalar
     - Pod fix in Catalyst::Request (RT#51490)
     - Pod fixes to refer to ::Controller:: rather than ::C:: as the  
       is deprecated (RT#51489)

   New features:
     - Added disable_component_resolution_regex_fallback config option  
       switch off (deprecated) regex fallback for component resolution.
     - Added an nginx-specific behavior to the FastCGI engine to allow
       proper PATH_INFO and SCRIPT_NAME processing for non-root  
     - Enable Catalyst::Utils::home() to find home within Dist::Zilla  
     - Added the Catalyst::Exception::Interface role defining the  
       exception classes need to implement.
     - Added Catalyst::Exception::Basic as a basic implementation of
       Catalyst::Exception::Interface and made the existing exception  
       use it.

   Refactoring / cleanups:
     - Remove documentation for the case_sensitive setting
     - Warning is now emitted at application startup if the  
       setting is turned on. This setting is not used by anyone, not
       believed to be useful and adds unnecessary complexity to  
       and the dispatcher. If you are using this setting and have good  
       why it should stay then you need to be shouting, now.
     - Writing to $c->req->body now fails as doing this never makes  

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