[Catalyst] call of the dbd disconnect method via catalyst model

christian4catalyst at lists.muthpartners.de christian4catalyst at lists.muthpartners.de
Mon Nov 23 01:54:22 GMT 2009


i wrote for my company an own DBD to control special things via SQL. Some 
information would read only by open the connection. At this time i mean that 
was a good decision. Now, with the Catalyst based web-frontend, i have a 

Until i fix the reading of the meta-infos, i need as short workaround the 
ability to close the dbd-connection which was hold through the model 
component. I have look the docu, search in the source-code and introspect the 
running system with the perl debugger, but i have nothing found what was 
similar to a dbd-handle.

Can me someone say, where i can, who i can close the dbd-connection in line 
09, so that line 10 reopen the connection.

01 sub	foo
02 {
03   my		( $self, $c )	= @_;
04   my		$model		= $c->model('DB::TABLE') ;
05   my		$row ;
06   my		$res ;
08   $row	= { ... } ;
09   ##	$model-> 	method to call for dbd->disconnect()
10   $res	= [$model->search($row)] ;
12  ...
13 }


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