[Catalyst] Unicode trouble with Catalyst::Engine::FastCGI

Bernhard Graf catalyst4 at augensalat.de
Mon Nov 23 11:57:27 GMT 2009

After I recently re-installed my Development-Perl (that one, that I use
apart from the production Perl installation), all pages that went
through Catalyst::Engine::FastCGI got double-utf8-encoded.

When using the standalone HTTP server, everything is fine.

Both installations used Perl 5.10.1. I did a snapshot of the old modules
at first and then re-installed everything on the new installation.

Googling around I found
http://www.mail-archive.com/catalyst@lists.scsys.co.uk/msg00051.html ,
but I couldn't verify Jonathan's assumption in my case - even before the
buffer is written into the FastCGI pipe in
Catalyst::Engine::FastCGI::write the whole buffer (header and body)
looked fine right before calling STDOUT->syswrite.

Is there anyone here, who has experienced similar effects and maybe
found a solution (besides kicking out the FastCGI engine)?

Meanwhile I'm proxying from the main webserver to C:E:HTTP::Prefork,
which works fine, but I would prefer keeping FastCGI as an alternative.

Bernhard Graf

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