[Catalyst] consuming Webservices with Catalyst?

Jens Schwarz blacky6767 at gmx.de
Mon Nov 23 13:27:52 GMT 2009


I want to change my Catalyst app so that its data is not written/read to/from my MySQL-DB but to/from Webservices.

I have made a simple test (outside of Catalyst) with SOAP::WSDL that works for "reading" a Webservice. This looks like this:

use MyInterfaces::FooService::FooPortType;

my $user = 'someuser';
my $pass = 'somepass';

*SOAP::Transport::HTTP::Client::get_basic_credentials = sub {
        return ($user, $pass);

my $s = MyInterfaces::FooService::FooPortType->new();
my $r = $s->Foo( {
        'Parameter1' => 'bar',
        'Parameter2' => 'baz',
} );
print $r;

But actually I have no clue on how to consume a Webservice "the Catalyst way". The amount of CPAN modules covering SOAP, WSDL, ... is overwhelming and I am kind of lost.

Are there any remommendations - especially with detailed examples? It was hard for me to even get this simple example above working as I am SOAP/WSDL newbie.

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