[Catalyst] How to reduce the memory footprint?

Julien Sobrier julien at sobrier.net
Mon Nov 23 18:18:50 GMT 2009

I have quite a small Catalyst application that runs with FastCGI +

I run 5 instances of FastCGI. Each instance was taking about 90MB of memory.
I tried to reduce the memory fooprint by reducing the number of libraries I
used. The memory usage is now 120MB per instance! The memory increase is
probably due to other changes.

I am wondering how to profile the memory usage, and how to reduce it:
* how can I figure out what is talking how much memory?
* is there a list of common things to do do to reduce the memory usage?
* is 100+MB per instance for  small application usual? I hope not...
* any tip to reduce or profile my memory usage?

Thank you
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