[Catalyst] How to reduce the memory footprint?

Peter Karman peter at peknet.com
Mon Nov 23 21:44:15 GMT 2009

Julien Sobrier wrote on 11/23/2009 03:25 PM:
> Right, nprocs=5
> I thought 100M RES/300M VIRT meanst 100M per process, and 300M shard
> among perl processes.
> I don't have many other processes running on the box. If I turn off
> catalyst, I use less than 250MB or memory. With Catalyst, I'm over 800MB
> with some occasional swapping.

that amount of memory use doesn't seem excessive to me. I've had 250+MB
per process before for larger apps.

If you have only that much memory (~1G) available, do you really need to
be running 5 procs? Why not 2 or 3? If you run into bottlenecks with 3
preforked processes on your current hw, you'll need to be looking at
upgrading your hardware anyway.

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