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On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 3:08 PM, J. Shirley <jshirley at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 1:18 PM, kevin montuori <montuori at gmail.com> wrote:
>> >>>>> "MA" =3D=3D Mesdaq, Ali <amesdaq at websense.com> writes:
>>  MA>  Once it passes the tests the code can be merged into the
>>  MA>  production branch and will auto deploy.
>> That's a great solution until someone checks a change into the
>> production branch accidentally.  As someone already mentioned, it'll
>> happen eventually.
>> I'm a firm believer in not using version control as a deployment tool.
>> It's more work to create a package, deploy that to test, test, deploy
>> *the same package* to production, but you at least know that what you
>> tested is what's in production.  Pulling straight from VC you never
>> really have that assurance.
> A lot of these assertions are pretty much FUD.
> Even exporting a tarball is sourcing from version control.  You're just
> bypassing a lot of the built-in aspects of source control and applying
> manual steps that can be messed up in a variety of ways.
> Unless it is sourced from source control in a way you can easily and
> programmatically detect, you really don't know what is in production
> outside of "a tarball".    You can keep an archive of tarballs, but you l=
> context and history... so what's the win?
> If something happens and you need to find out the history, what do you do?
> You ask version control!
> There are plenty of ways to manage how things get into a production
> branch.  Then, you simply add in another layer using tags.  After all,
> that's pretty much why tags exist, and how they're used, in every
> sufficiently modern system.
> You deploy a tag, from a branch, and everybody wins.
> Keep in mind that I'm not advocating (nor are the posts I linked to)
> running from a -managed- tree.  The post-update hook I linked to keeps its
> own git repository to itself, it isn't share.  You have to explicitly push
> to it to update.
> These things are very hard to get wrong, and they work very well.  You ju=
> have to learn the tools sufficiently.
> -J
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I'm coming in late but deploying a tag from trunk/etc and "switching" the
production directory that nginx/lighttpd/apache is looking at is probably
the coolest thing ever.  You have a great deal of control when needing to
roll back, and a record of all previous tags/versions.
Anyway, my $0.02.


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