[Catalyst] Deployment in practice

dab dab at catapulse.org
Sun Oct 11 09:54:34 GMT 2009

> Thank you all for your answers. It was very helpful.
> What about the database? If starting from a certain revision you need
> to make some database changes (adding tables, adding/deleting some
> table fields) how can we automate this?
> I mean, I think that we could run a script that add some tables and
> remove the unneeded fields from other tables, but if something goes
> wrong and we need to go back to the previous version, we would need
> the records from those fields.
> What can we do in these situations? Do the database update and the
> tests manually? Or back-up the entire database and then test the
> latest version of the app?
> Thanks.
> Octavian

DBIx::Class::Schema::Versioned perhaps ?


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