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On Thu, Oct 15, 2009 at 12:25 PM, Gunnar Strand <gunnarstrand at yahoo.com>wro=

> Hi,
> I am trying to write a Facebook canvas application in Catalyst using the
> WWW::Facebook::API plugin and I am tearing my hair trying to get it to wo=
> I have no problems with access to my canvas application from Facebook, but
> I am unable to use any of the $c->facebook interface methods to acquire u=
> data, eg. friend list, event information etc.
> I would be very grateful if anyone could post an example of, for instance,
> getting the currently logged in user's friends, or event information or a=
> information at all via the $c->facebook interface. All I get is error when
> using the methods in the interface and the problem is definitely on this
> side of the keyboard.
> KR,
> Gunnar

Hi Gunnar,

I've been meaning to write a blog entry on this, since there are some points
to be aware of.  I've built my own model that creates a per-context instance
and works quite well.  It isn't on CPAN (yet) but I should probably release

I would advise against using the Plugin, as it's not modifying the
application behavior or dispatching so having it as a plugin is a bad fit.

I posted my code in a gist: http://gist.github.com/211218

Keep in mind that you can't do differentiation on request type like GET/POST
through the canvas.  Make sure that you have the application added to your
profile (check the app added, there is a chain mid-point to do this in the

Hope this helps,


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