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On Sat, Oct 17, 2009 at 12:33 PM, Paul Makepeace <paulm at paulm.com> wrote:

> I recently have completely tossed using Debian's perl packages
> because, while I do love Debian and all its package awesomeness, there
> simply wasn't the package lib*-perl support in stable/lenny and even
> testing/squeeze didn't have all the goods needed for a (what I think
> is) fairly regular Catalyst install.
> So my question then is: given you've presumably done this, which of
> your quoted solutions do you like best? I tried dh-make-perl many
> moons ago and gave up due to annoyances around following dependencies.
> Maybe CPP::Dist::Deb or something else solves that.
> I'm hoping local::lib + cpan + git solves this but curious how
> Debian-integrated solutions work too.
> Paul
I would have to agree with Paul here. I went the dh-make-perl &
CPANPLUS::Dist::Deb routes, had my own repositories and packaged my own
modules as debs. I basically found it complicated everything too much for my
liking. I pursued this for quite a while
knowing Debian used Perl extensively in it's own admin scripts and messing
with them carried the threat of screwing with more than my own stuff. I
encounted repeated issues with the automated packaging systems and more
trying to manage my own repository. I currently have cpanp configured on my
servers so I can install modules to a user's home directory. I then modify
other users' .bashrc to add that directory to inc. Getting cpanp configured
and set up this way has proved to be tricky so in future I will be trying
the local::lib method.

I love Debian and settled on it as my dist of choice many years ago but
wanting to use the latest & greatest Perl modules means not sticking with
100% Debian packages. Catalyst & DBIx::Class (as examples) move way too
quickly for that and the benefits that the latest versions offer are often
too good to refuse. I still use aptitude as my first port-o-call for
installing Perl modules whenever I can but when that fails cpanp easily
picks up the slack and as a last resort I can always use cpanp as root. I've
been running like this for a year or so now and in that time I haven't had
to spend more than 10 minutes ugrading or installing any module I've needed.

..just my 2c



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