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I agree. You will only really feel the pain once there are several servers (or several people managing servers)  not counting a dev server. Plus it also deals with scenarios where your software is built using some version of a perl module and your next release of the software is using the newer version of the module with major changes and not much support for backward compatibility. In this case you could be facing issues during deployment if you have several machines that needed to be manually updated or even worse if you automatically update perl modules on production machines then you could be blowing up your app without even changing a line of code. With all that being said I don’t package all my modules because most of my catalyst apps would be deployed on one server and mostly use private perl libraries developed inhouse so it just doesn’t make sense for me but if I had to deploy to several servers and needed to maintain 99.9999% SLA I would spend the time on it. 

Too bad there isn't an cross platform painless elegant solution to this.

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Alexander Hartmaier wrote:
> Is building a package for every perl module (not only cpan, private too)
> really of help and not just a waste of time?

I think it's a help once you exceed about twenty servers or so.  YMMV

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