[Catalyst] Feedback requested on HTML::FormHandler's new widget system

Matt Whipple matt at mattwhipple.com
Wed Sep 2 20:39:25 GMT 2009

Hi, I'm a recent adopter of HFH, and was drawn to it partly in hopes of 
having a decently clean solution for form rendering (I've begun a system 
but don't think it will be usable anytime in the near future)  so I'll 
contribute my 2 cents.

 From my perspective the output/rendering of the form data normally 
represents a static view of the data, a single state which will 
generally not require any return communication with the system which 
renders it.  I therefore see a more independent treatment of widgets the 
best option to allow those widgets to fit into the most places, and be 
made the most accessible for future growth.  Rather than treating the 
widgets as roles to be pulled into the form system, they could be 
external objects with a common interface which are pushed into and piped 
from. This aids in separation of concerns and could lead to afar more 
flexible, robust widget framework which is more conducive to 
collaboration and extension within and without the larger system. 

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