[Catalyst] Testing OpenID Logins + more

Ashley apv at sedition.com
Thu Sep 3 00:31:30 GMT 2009

On Aug 31, 2009, at 8:43 PM, fREW Schmidt wrote:
> I'd really like to start testing my controllers, and I wished I'd  
> started sooner, but oh well.  The biggest barrier at this point is  
> the login system.  It uses OpenID for auth, which is where the hard  
> stuff comes from.  I *have* looked at the tests for the OpenID  
> module for catalyst auth, and although I'll surely end up using  
> something like that, it's pretty intimidating.  Does anyone have  
> any existing basic tests for OpenID stuff, to test their server, as  
> opposed to the OpenID module, that they might be willing to share?   
> I'd really appreciate it.  In the meantime I'll be trying to look  
> more at Ashley's stuff.

Hey there. The test applications (there are two in the t/ dir) are  
also in slight disarray. Which is to say, they used to be one test  
application but due to forking issues (it had to talk to itself to  
provide:consume) I split them where splitting means make exact copies  
of the first and renamed each: Provider and Consumer respectively.  
Each has been tweaked slightly, and the config of one probably  
contains erroneous artifacts from bug fixing, compounding the  
difficulty of comprehending them. I'm somewhat proud to say the  
current dev version is passing its tests (so far on all test  
reports). If you wait awhile I may clean them up, generalize, and Pod  
them. Tuits are always the issue. I'm going to do one more dev  
release turning on all the "live" tests for everyone (it's an ENV  
triggered test now) and if that passes in the wild I'll do a 0.15  
which I hope will have some cleanup in the test code for the curious  
but... I have considered doing the Provider app as a standalone  
release so it could be used in testing. If anyone thinks that's  
worthwhile, send a name you'd think sensible  
(CatalystX::Test::OpenID::Provider?) and feature wishlist. Again,  
it's a tuit issue and I'd way behind on plenty.

I think t0m had the right idea though. Don't test it, or don't unit  
test it. Running live or in a staging server, I'd use a known OpenID  
account to do a Selenium/WWW::Mech style test.


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