[Catalyst] best practice for a protocol mechanism?

Jens Schwarz blacky6767 at gmx.de
Tue Sep 8 08:32:04 GMT 2009


I currently have an Catalyst application with several controllers and even more actions. Some of those actions require that I call my protocol action that - surprise, surprise - does some protocol work. This action is located in the Root controller. Right now I accomplish this with code snippets like this:

package MyApp::Controller::Foo
sub some_action :Local {
$c->forward("MyApp::Controller::Root","myProtocolAction",["some message that should be protocolled"]);

Is there some neater way to do this? (I started reading into the "Chains" topic but do not know if this protocolling mechanismn would be the right use case for chaining.)

Any ideas?



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