[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst::Helper Changes

kevin montuori montuori at gmail.com
Thu Sep 10 12:06:05 GMT 2009

>>>>> "DA" == Devin Austin <devin.austin at gmail.com> writes:

 DA> I will quit being a tool and get my shit released.  

Heh.  But that's *my* motto.  

 DA> Please, send me any ideas you have your way with regards to "I want
 DA> to be able to do this".

There's a litany of tweaks I usually make after creating a new catalyst
project.  Assuming the project MyApp, these usually include:

  mkdir MyApp/{.control,bin,etc}
  mkdir MyApp/etc/{conf,DDL,SQL,LDIF}
  mkdir MyApp/lib/MyApp/Schema/MyApp/{Result,ResultSet}
  mkdir MyApp/lib/HTML/FormFu/Validator/MyApp
  mkdir MyApp/root/forms
I generally add content to the MyApp.pm file: ConfigLoader
substitutions, a new ConfigLoader base, some plugins that are almost
always used.

Usually there's a Schema/MyApp.pm file that's standard boilerplate.

There are a couple of files I add to the bin directory so they're kept
with the project.

Also I create a number of .../.template files and populate them with
project-specific templates (for the benefit of emacs).  

There's probably more ... that's why I'm looking to automate it.


kevin montuori
montuori at gmail.com

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