[Catalyst] [Announce] Catalyst 5.800013

Marcus Ramberg marcus at nordaaker.com
Thu Sep 17 09:47:42 GMT 2009

Another day, another Catalyst 5.8 maintainance release. This time,
lucky number 13. The main reason for this release is a change in the
guts of  the most recent Class::MOP. Thus, this release depends on the
latest Moose/Class-MOP, see the changelog attached below for details.
There are also some minor documentation/refactoring changes, and
removal of the -short option to catalyst.pl, which generated a
deprecated style Catalyst namespace.

Marcus Ramberg
Catalyst Release Manager

Nobody expects the spanish release monkeys!

5.80013 2009-09-17 11:07:04

   Bug fixes:
     - Preserve immutable_options when temporarily making a class mutable in
       Catalyst::ClassData as this is needed by new Class::MOP.
       This could have potentially caused issues when using the
deprecated runtime
       plugins feature in an application with plugins which define their own new
     - Require new Moose version and new versions of various dependencies
       to avoid warnings from newest Moose release.

     - Rework the $c->go documentation to make it more clear.
     - Additional documentation in Catalyst::Upgrading covering more deprecation

  Refactoring / cleanups:
     - Action methods in the application class are deprecated and applications
       using them will now generate a warning at startup.
     - The -short option has been removed from catalyst.pl, stopping new
       applications from being generated using the ::[MVC]:: naming scheme as
       this is deprecated and generates warnings. RT#49771

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