[Catalyst] Re: Catalyst benchmark 5.7 VS 5.8

Tomas Doran bobtfish at bobtfish.net
Tue Sep 29 11:43:59 GMT 2009

Fayland Lam wrote:
> Tomas Doran wrote:

>> top totally doesn't show how much RAM is shared by copy on write at 
>> all, and so is misleading you here.
> do you know how to do a real benchmark? the siege result shows 5.7 is 
> better under pressure.

I didn't actually do any 'real' benchmarking for this, I just pointed 
out that the conclusions you were drawing from top were rubbish.

Andrew and Tobys memory benchmarks make sense and are much nearer what 
I'd expect.

1.5Mb more per process is much more reasonable than the 20Mb you were 
speculating initially.


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