[Catalyst] Jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs (don't forget about jobs!)

fREW Schmidt frioux at gmail.com
Fri Apr 16 00:49:24 GMT 2010

Hello all!

The company I am working for is hiring!

Experience with DBIx::Class and Catalyst
We are In Richardson, TX and willingness to relocate and work onsite is
highly preferred

Self starters
Experience with Javascript
Experience with ExtJS

We have done perl web development for nearly 10 years and we currently have
way too much work for our small shop (6~ developers) to handle.  Except for
one product (which we own and sell) all of our work is currently long term
(1 year or more) contracts with a variety of customers.  Since working here
(almost 2 years) we have moved from vanilla CGI + DBI with IIS to Catalyst,
DBIx::Class and mod_perl.  If you are motivated and get results the people
running the company listen to you, so if you are stuck in a giant company
doing way too much PERL come join us!

Send your resumes my direction and feel free to email me or if you are on
IRC msg me (frew on perl, frooh on freenode) with any questions you might

I look forward to hearing from you!

-- =

fREW Schmidt
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