[Catalyst] Alternatives to DBIx?

John Karr brainbuz at brainbuz.org
Sat Apr 17 05:01:50 GMT 2010

I'm still learning Catalyst and find that I don't like DBIx. As a counter
example I love Template Toolkit, for exactly the same reason I hate DBIx.
With TT html is in html, while DBIx seperates the database from SQL, if I
were capable of writing an ORM (which I am not) it would be much more like
Template Toolkit. Also I'm primarily a sysadmin working on some volunteer
programming projects while out of work, so even though it might well be
worth coming to terms with DBIx if I did more development, crawling through
DBI seems a more efficient way for me to get working code written.

The alternatives I've been able to discover are DBI and RoseDB. Is there any
case (given why I've already stated I dislike DBIx) for RoseDB, and are
there any other alternatives that work well with Catalyst that I have not

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